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My Areas Of Expertise

I have a wide skill set, so I can contribute a lot to organizations that want more than a cookie-cutter employee.

Web Design

I'm an obsessive designer always looking to test and improve on current designs. Everything should be created and built with the users in mind - and that should include users on all sides of the table!

Web Development

I have experience in everything from coding complex websites to email templates to best practices in WordPress drag-and-drop. And the best part? I love learning new technologies.

Search Engine Optimization

I have years of experience in all different areas of SEO. I can help you analyze your site and strategy to see what's working (and what isn't). Plus, I can help you design and implement a new strategy!

Email Marketing

Some say email marketing is no longer useful, but they probably have checked their email multiple times per day... With a solid strategy, most businesses benefit from this marketing channel.

Project Management

I love making plans, and I love making sure those plans stay on schedule and on track. I also realize that the unexpected tends to happen, so I'm always prepared to adjust and/or pivot when the situation requires a change in strategy.

Account Management

The key to account management is the delicate balance between setting expectations and shooting for the stars. My wide skillset helps me have a quick turnaround to decide what is and isn't possible for clients - and to suggest alternatives when necessary.

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