Brand Identity Design: Leaf Finance

The Ask

“We’re started a boutique investment firm called Leaf Finance that focuses on environmentally-conscious investments. We want to appeal to a younger audience, so make sure that the brand is friendly and will translate across digital platforms. On the other hand, we are a financial company, so also make sure it comes across as trustworthy, traditional, and professional.”

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The Brand

While crafting a financial haven for the environmentally conscious investor, Leaf Finance aims to be a vibrant fusion of tradition and innovation. It’s more than just an investment firm. The Leaf team pioneers in a fiscal revolution where each dollar is a vote for a greener future. The brand breathes life into the staid landscape of finance, and honors our dual commitment to environmental responsibility and financial solidity.

In the bustling digital landscape, our brand stands as a beacon of trust, inviting the eco-savvy to embark on a journey of growth. Leaf Finance is the promise of a future where finance flourishes alongside nature.

Leaf Finance’s Purpose

At the heart of Leaf Finance lies a steadfast purpose: to redefine the essence of investment through the lens of environmental stewardship. Our mission is to empower a new generation of investors, those who seek to yield not only financial returns but also a tangible, positive impact on the planet.

We’re not just guiding wealth, but nurturing a legacy of sustainability, where every investment nurtures the seeds of a healthier Earth. Leaf Finance is about investing with intention. Every portfolio is curated to echo the harmony of nature.


“Where Green Grows”

Brand Essence

Leaf Finance is an ode to the discerning investor who yearns to be part of a greener, more sustainable future. Each service we offer is a testament to our commitment to eco-innovation in the financial sector, and every client interaction is steeped in our philosophy that the best returns are those that return the favor to the Earth.

We are the fertile ground on which savvy investors can cultivate their assets, with the assurance that their financial growth is intertwined with the flourishing of our planet.

Logo Variations

The logotype is a clean serif font to communicate professionalism and trustworthiness.

The logo mark resembles an L as a nod to the name, but the negative space has a cutout of a leaf. It’s intentionally non-symmetrical to show the natural flow of nature.

Color Palette


The Brand Voice

Educated and Accessible: While showcasing our expertise in finance and environmental sustainability, we use language that is easy to comprehend. We avoid jargon that could alienate those new to investment or environmental concepts.

Optimistic: We inspire action and hope. Focus on positive outcomes and the impact of responsible investing, using stories and examples that illustrate how investments can lead to real-world environmental improvements.

Trustworthy and Reliable: As a financial firm, it’s essential for us to maintain a voice that exudes reliability and trust. We use facts and figures where appropriate, communicating with sincerity and honesty, and being transparent about our processes and outcomes.

Innovative: We reflect our commitment to innovation in our voice. Our language is future-oriented and highlights our firm’s role in leading change in the investment world.

Personable: We create a connection with our audience by being personable. Using a conversational tone where appropriate, we don’t shy away from showing the human side of our brand, sharing stories and insights that make us relatable.

Action-Oriented: We encourage engagement and action. Whether inviting readers to learn more, invest, or join a conversation about sustainable finance, our voice is motivational.

Target Personas

Eco-Conscious Millennial Investor

In her late 20s to mid-30s, this is a tech-savvy professional with a passion for sustainable living. As a relative newcomer to the investment world, she values ethical investment options that align with her environmental values. Digital platforms and clear, transparent information are key to her investment decisions.

"I want my investments to reflect my commitment to the planet. It's not just about growing my wealth, it's about making a positive impact."

Established Professional

Aged between 40 and 55, this seasoned professional or business owner isseeking a balance in his investment portfolio. He’s focused on long-term growth and stability, with a keen interest in ethical and sustainable investments. Personal interaction and detailed performance analytics are important to him.

"Investing is not just about the returns, it's about securing a better future. I look for investments that are as good for the world as they are for my portfolio."

Socially-Minded Gen Z Investor

This Gen Z in her late teens to early 20s is socially and environmentally conscious, and eager to make a difference through her investment choices. She’s a digital native and looks for innovative, impact-driven investment opportunities. Mia values authenticity, social responsibility, and prefers engaging, multimedia content to understand her investment options.

"For me, investing is about creating change. I want to support companies that are solving real-world problems and shaping a sustainable future.'"


Leaf Finance reimagines the world of ethical investments with a vibrant blend of environmental mindfulness and financial savvy. It’s a brand that speaks to the heart of the eco-conscious investor, offering a fresh perspective on where their money can make a real impact.

With its mantra, “Where Green Grows”, the brand encapsulates the promise of nurturing wealth alongside the well-being of our planet. It’s not just about making smart financial choices. It’s about shaping a sustainable future, one investment at a time. Leaf Finance is for those who believe their portfolio can be as green as the causes they care about.

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