Brand Identity Design: First Light Bites

The Ask

“We’re looking for a fresh, vibrant brand identity that encapsulates the essence of a sunny morning and appeals to a health-conscious community, resonating with the spirit of farm-to-table freshness and the warmth of a neighborhood gathering spot.”

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The Brand

First Light Bites is a vibrant mosaic of community, freshness, and well-being. As the doors open with the sunrise, families, professionals, and health-savvy epicureans are invited to savor the true essence of nourishment.

Celebrating a symphony of local farms, the menu offers a medley of flavors so pure they whisper the stories of the earth. In a relaxed haven, each bite is a commitment to quality, each sip a toast to wellness, and every visit an encounter with the heart of the community. 

First Light Bites’ Aim

First Light Bites is a beacon of nourishment and community, where healthful eating and local sourcing converge to celebrate the freshness of dawn in every dish.

The cafe exists to offer a rejuvenating space where the health-conscious can indulge in the integrity of farm-to-table fare, fostering a connection with local growers and a relaxed communal vibe. It’s a place where each meal is an ode to well-being, crafted to energize bodies and uplift spirits amidst the rush of daily life.

Brand Essence

  • Community Hub: A local gathering spot fostering connections over shared values of health and sustainability.
  • Health-Forward Cuisine: Offering a menu crafted for nourishment, featuring farm-to-table freshness.
  • Local Harvest Champion: Dedicated to local sourcing, spotlighting the bounty of regional producers.
  • Daily Renewal: Embracing each day with offerings that refresh and invigorate the body and mind.
  • Casual Serenity: Providing a relaxed, inviting atmosphere that becomes an extension of home and community.
  • Quality Obsessed: Committed to the highest standards of ingredients and preparation for an exceptional dining experience.

Logo Variations

The logotype was inspired by natural handwriting – since everything in the cafe is done with care by a human. The logo mark is a mixture of the sun and a delicious egg.

Color Palette


The Brand Voice

The brand voice for the cafe and bakery is an embodiment of the establishment’s core values and the wholesome experience it aims to deliver to each customer. Here’s are some key aspects:

Warm and Welcoming:
The brand speaks like a friendly neighbor, always offering a warm greeting and a smile. The language used is casual, inclusive, and comforting, making customers feel at home.

Inviting and Inspiring:
The brand voice acts as an invitation to start the day right and is inspirational, motivating customers to make positive choices for their health and well-being.

Authentic and Honest:
Transparency is key, so the brand communicates openly about its practices, sourcing, and ingredients. It admits imperfections and is always honest with customers.

Sociable and Engaging:
The voice should engage in conversations, encouraging feedback, and community interaction. It’s the voice of someone who remembers your favorite dish, asks about your day, and genuinely cares about the response.

Mindful and Considerate:
Recognizing that words have power, the brand is mindful of its audience, ensuring that communication is considerate of different perspectives, and is always respectful and thoughtful.

Target Personas

Health-Conscious Hannah

  • Demographics: Female, 30s, single, professional, health-conscious.
  • Behaviors: Values quality over quantity, seeks out organic and locally sourced food, is active on social media, and follows wellness trends.
  • Goals: To maintain a healthy lifestyle while balancing a busy work schedule.
  • Challenges: Finding quick, healthy dining options that align with her dietary preferences.
  • Media Consumption: Follows health and wellness influencers on Instagram and YouTube, reads health-conscious food blogs, and listens to podcasts about nutrition and fitness.

Suburban Dad Danny

  • Demographics: Male, 40s, married with children, lives in the suburbs, works in management.
  • Behaviors: Looks for family-friendly dining options, prefers places that feel community-oriented, enjoys a weekend brunch with family.
  • Goals: To find a local cafe that can accommodate his family’s diverse tastes and provides a comfortable environment for weekend family time.
  • Challenges: Satisfying the whole family’s palate, including picky eaters, while also finding healthy options.
  • Media Consumption: Engages with local community groups on Facebook, reads local newspapers, and looks for good reviews on family and restaurant review sites.

Freelancer Fiona

  • Demographics: Female, late 20s, freelance graphic designer, enjoys a flexible lifestyle, often works from cafes.
  • Behaviors: Seeks out quiet cafes with Wi-Fi where she can work uninterrupted, values a creative and aesthetically pleasing environment.
  • Goals: To find a regular spot that offers a comfortable ambiance and healthy food options while she works.
  • Challenges: Locating a cafe that has the right balance of good food, ambiance, and a work-conducive environment.
  • Media Consumption: Active on social platforms like Instagram and Twitter, reads online industry blogs, and uses Yelp and Google to find new work spots.

Student Sarah

  • Demographics: Female, early 20s, college student, budget-conscious, vegetarian.
  • Behaviors: Looks for affordable dining options, prefers to eat at places that offer vegetarian or vegan options, studies or meets with study groups in cafes.
  • Goals: To find affordable, healthy dining options between classes or study sessions.
  • Challenges: Eating out on a student budget and finding quality vegetarian options.
  • Media Consumption: Uses student discount apps, active on TikTok and Snapchat, uses Google Maps for finding local cafes, and keeps an eye out for student specials through campus advertising.


First Light Bites Cafe and Bakery is where the heart of a wholesome morning meets the taste of farm-fresh cuisine. Envisioned as a suburban sanctuary for health-forward food enthusiasts, the brand epitomizes the freshness of dawn and the community’s pulse in a single bite.

It’s a place where every meal is a testament to local sourcing, every visit feels like a neighborly hello, and every flavor tells the story of quality ingredients lovingly transformed from farm to table.

With a commitment to nourishment and the joy of the morning ritual, First Light Bites is more than just a cafe and bakery – it’s a celebration of new beginnings, vibrant health, and the simple pleasures of a well-crafted meal.

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