Brand Identity Design: Roadster Coffee

My Brief Was Simple

“Design a brand for a new coffee shop in an urban setting. It should have an inspiring environment, focus on quality coffee, and have some sort of vintage feel to the overall vibe.”

The Brand

Roadster Coffee aims to embody the spirit of early automotive racing in its brand identity – drawing inspiration from those brave racers who navigated the unpredictable terrains of experimentation, innovation, and courage.

Much like the daring roadsters of yesteryear, Roadster Coffee treads the exhilarating path of crafting perfection – not in racing, but in the art of brewing coffee and culinary experiments.

Roadster Coffee’s Target

In essence, the Roadster Coffee brand beckons a diverse clientele, united by a shared appreciation for quality, creativity, and a touch of adventure.

It’s more than just a coffee shop; it’s a sanctuary for those seeking the harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, comfort and excitement, solitude and camaraderie.

Brand Essence

  • Innovative: Just as racers wouldn’t settle for second best, Roadster Coffee is in a relentless quest to find the perfect brew. Always tinkering. Always innovating.
  • Retro Modern: A seamless fusion of the  charm of the past and contemporary flair.
  • Passionate: Covered in coffee stains by day’s end, the Roadster Coffee team exemplifies passion reminiscent of racers smeared in gasoline.

Logo Variations

The logo was inspired by a mix of the grill/headlights of a roadster, and the silhouette of a coffee cup.

Color Palette


The Brand Voice

Roadster Coffee communicates with a voice that intertwines the vivacious energy of classic roadster races with the artisanal charm of specialty coffee. The tone is spirited and adventurous, echoing the dauntless spirit of vintage racers, yet underlined by a warmth and authenticity that reflects the dedication to the craft of brewing.

While our narratives often flirt with nostalgia, they also embrace modernity, ensuring relevance and resonance with today’s audience. In all our communications, whether it’s a social media post, an email to our subscribers, or a casual chat across the counter, our voice is infused with passion, expertise, and a dash of playful experimentation, inviting our community to join us in our exhilarating journey from bean to cup.

Target Personas

The Creative Maverick

These are the imaginative minds, the free thinkers, the brainstormers, and the storytellers. Often in professions like writing, graphic design, digital marketing, or arts, they thrive in environments with a hum of activity around them. The consistent background noise at Roadster Coffee acts as a catalyst, sparking their creativity and aiding in concentration. They appreciate the retro-modern aesthetics of the cafe as it stimulates their innovative inclinations.

The Evening Socialites

Desiring the vibrant ambiance of a bar without the accompanying alcohol, this group seeks a space where they can relax, socialize, and enjoy quality time with friends in the evenings. They might be young professionals, mature students, or simply individuals seeking a warm, lively environment to unwind after a long day. They cherish Roadster Coffee’s vibe – the mingling of laughter, clinking glasses, and the aromatic allure of brewed concoctions.

The Connoisseur Crowd

These are individuals who prioritize quality over quantity. They might not be seeking the most lavish experiences, but they have a discerning taste and appreciate the craftsmanship and precision that goes into creating a superb drink. They’re willing to pay a fair price for a product that delivers on flavor, freshness, and finesse.

The Experimental Enthusiast

Adventurous by nature, these patrons are always eager to try something novel and offbeat. Whether curious about the fusion of diverse flavors or challenging the baristas with their unique requests, they find delight in the unexpected. They step out of the ordinary, and are thethe perfect match for Roadster Coffee’s ever-evolving drink experiments.

In A Nutshell

The Roadster Coffee brand identity is a tribute to the relentless spirit of innovation, drawing parallels between the adrenaline-pumping world of early automotive racing and the meticulous craft of coffee brewing.

By seamlessly blending the retro charm with modern aesthetics, Roadster Coffee will offer not just a drink, but an experience – one that resonates with the thrills of a bygone era, and the comforts of a warm, perfect brew.

How's Your Brand?

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