Poor Devil Pepper Company

This is the website of a hot sauce maker called Poor Devil Pepper Company.

What I Like

It feels wrong to say this, but this site is so bad that it’s actually good.

Companies in most industries couldn’t pull this off, and it wouldn’t even work for a lot of hot sauces. But these poor devils managed to light it up.

Everything is overdone, and not in a cohesive way like many sites. It’s made up of weird fonts that don’t match, awkward scrolling effects, and strange pictures. The only brand feeling is that this brand is chaotic (and a bit spicy).

Overall, this is the website equivalent of getting a big taste of a new hot sauce, and I like the flavor.

What I'm Not Crazy About

Like I said, most companies couldn’t pull this off. It’s fun inspiration, but there are very few other use cases where I would suggest using this style.

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