Devoción Coffee

This is the website of Devoción Coffee.

What I Like

It immediately stands out to me for two different reasons. The first is that it has a very strong and cohesive feeling of brand identity. The second is that it goes against the grain of what many other coffee companies are currently doing (in a good way).

It feels closer to an alcohol brand than a coffee brand, and that really helps out. I’m a sucker for black and yellow color schemes, and they nailed it here. Plus, it seems to embrace the natural side of coffee – dirt and all. I like my coffee natural, but many brands seem to want to feel as sterile as Apple product packaging.

What I'm Not Crazy About

I’m always hesitant of videos in the hero section because of the motion and distraction, but at least this shows the process of where the coffee (presumably) comes from.

Other Designs

That Nailed It