This is the website of Bevi, a fancy water machine.

What I Like

I want my water clean and fresh, and that’s how this site feels. It has the right amount of animated bubbles, and is minimal enough to explain what the product is.

So many sites put a video in the hero, and I think that’s hard to do (because of the distraction factor). Bevi gets around that by putting it in the second section, and that’s a great idea. But it’s full screen and immersive, so it’s just as strong as being at the top.

Overall, I like that this gives me a feeling of what their brand is and should be.

What I'm Not Crazy About

On the homepage, there are some product shots cut into the pastel background colors. The contrast is a little too sharp, so they probably would have benefitted from a little shadow or different angles to add contrast.

Other Designs

That Nailed It